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Studio C

Studio C features a design and sonic experience that sets it apart from Studio A and B, aimed at true vintage SSL lovers. Studio C’s classic SSL G+ console allows the perfect hybrid of vintage and modern-day technology to be captured for those that still demand this to be a part of their workflow. Studio C is also equipped with its own custom-built credenza for production workspace. The 5.1 surround sound lounge can also be used as a vocal booth or mini live room. Studio C’s control room has its own custom designed Quads for mains which features four 18’ inch speakers and a horn in each cabinet to handle intensive sound pressure and still provide sonic detail to the listener. The lounge includes comfortable seating with a 75’ inch TV display and its own bathroom. In addition, Studio C has a true live room (506square feet) that is shared with Studio B and can accommodate a 15-to-20-piece orchestra as well as a full band.